Yet another steam mover (YASM) is a Microsoft.NET Windows Forms application for moving game folders (Steam, Origin, etc) across volumes.


Most gaming PC builds employ a configuration which consists of a small solid state (SSD) drive for the operating system and a large SATA hard drive (HDD) for permanent, long-term data storage. Standard digital game distribution platforms such as Steam and Origin download game files on the volume in which the application is installed (typically c:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\... on the SSD). For large game libraries, one would typically want the games they are actively playing on the SSD and the rest of their games on the larger (and slower) HDD.

Yet Another Steam Mover is an application which provides for the simple movement of game directories from SSD to HDD and back, without any impact to the game distribution platform. YASM moves games from a source directory into a destination directory and then creates a junction point (e.g. a link) from the source destination to the destination so games can be launched seamlessly by game distribution clients regardless of whether the actual game files are on the SSD or the HDD.


- Lists games in digital game libraries
- Identifies if game folders are hard-links (junction points) and if so, the directory the link points to
- Allow for user-defined folder pairs that apply to various source and destination paths

Example Fold Pair
Source: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origins Games
Destination: D:\Games\Origin


Based on the screenshot below, we can see that this user has one game loaded on the SSD and the rest of the collection is stored on the large external HDD. This user could launch steam and play any of their games, but all the games other than Burnout (TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box would run from the external drive.


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